Hanoi Vietnam: Things You Need to Know

Hanoi is the capital, centrally run city and a special type of city of Vietnam. Hanoi is located to the northwest of the center of the Red River Delta, with the topography consisting of the central plain and hilly areas to the north and west of the city. With an area of ​​3,359.82 km², and a population of 8.33 million, Hanoi is the largest city under the central government in Vietnam, and also the second most populous city. and has the second highest population density of Vietnam's 63 provincial administrative units, but the population distribution is uneven. Hanoi has 30 district-level administrative units, including 12 districts, 17 districts and 1 town. Hanoi has been a political, economic and cultural center since the very beginning of Vietnamese history. As the capital, Hanoi is home to many important cultural, entertainment and sports sites of the country, and is also the place chosen to hold many political and sports events. international. This is the place where many tradit